Our PRODUCTION - What we produce and sell:

We produce and deliver in Russia and on export to world-wide markets the following fish products of own manufacturing on board of our vessels:

  • sea-frozen fish fillets (cod, haddock, pollack, herring) skin on and skinless in European cardboard boxes of 20,5 - 24 kg
  • sea-frozen fish (cod, haddock, pollack, halibut, catfish, plaice, perch, herring, blue whiting) gutted and ungutted in European cardboard boxes of 24 kg, 46 kg and in coated kraft bags of 21, 24 and 46 kg
  • fresh refrigerated fish (capelin, herring, blue whiting) for human consumption and for processing in meal and oil at the coastal enterprises
  • canned cod liver in cans No 3 of 230 g
  • by-products (frozen food and inedible off-cuts) – heads of haddock, cod, etc., roe of cod and haddock, tongues, jaws and backbones of cod and so on.



Block of fillet in cardboard box

Cod fillet skin on

Haddock fillet skinless

Canned cod liver

Block of frozen blue whiting

Block of frozen herring

Block of frozen Greenland halibut NAFO

Block of frozen redfish HG

Block of frozen white hake HG

Frozen halibut heads (blocks from freezer) NAFO

Block of frozen grenadier NAFO

Landing of frozen fish products from trawler "Melkart" at Kirkenes (Norway)

2000 – discharging of fodder herring on lorry
for delivery to Murmansk fish meal plant

Frozen halibut and shrimps in freezing hold
of trawler "Matrioska"

Landing of frozen fish products from trawler
"Matrioska" in port Vigo (Spain)



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